Lololyrics API

Don't worry about caching covers server-side, you can hotlink to our thumbnails.
When showing the lyric, don't forget to mention where it's from, like providing a link to the site, the artist page, or the lyric itself. Thanks!

getLyric[ARTIST]&track=[TRACK TITLE]

<status> is OK if lyric is found.
<response> contains the lyric if status is OK. (or error message if status is ERROR)
<year> contains the year it was released. Empty if not found.
<album> contains the release name. Empty if free release or very old lyric
<sources>-><merged> contains all the sources merged to a 'human' format. (e.g. "Anger Management, David Guetta Ft. Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over, South Park"). Empty if no source.
<sources>-><source> contains 1 source per <source> tag. So in the example above it would appear 3 times. Empty if no source.
<cover> contains the cover URL. Empty if not found. (150x150px image, ~80% of lyrics comes with it)
<url> contains the lyric URL.

If you don't want the returned data urlencoded, add '&rawutf8=1' to the request.


#1 (Lyric found, no cover)

#2 (Lyric found, includes cover and multiple sources)

#3 (Lyric not found)


Should be simple enough to understand. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us at or

Used in...

It's always fun to see where it's used, here's a few of the programs and sites I'm aware of.
Feel free to let me know if you develop something.

MLyrics - An addon for the Songbird music player.
CoverGloobus - Linux program to show cover and lyrics, supports many different music players.
• (edit: down) - Website with a new Hardstyle track every day, links to us if we have the lyric.
Let's Go Zik - Web radio with electronic music like techno, trance, hands up, etc. (Shows link/cover if we have it)
Tune-Instructor - For macs: "Tune•Instructor expands your iTunes with a multitude of useful features." - Monthly radioshow on Q-Dance radio. - Livesets of all kinds of electronic dance music.
MusicBee - Music manager and player with support for Lololyrics straight out of the box.